Definition of make someone's life a misery (or make life a misery for someone) in US English:

make someone's life a misery (or make life a misery for someone)


  • Cause someone severe distress by continued unpleasantness or harassment.

    • ‘The rap singer claimed he needed the pistol to protect himself from jealous thugs who had made his life a misery.’
    • ‘She felt guilty about Stella making your life a misery.’
    • ‘The council decision is making my life a misery.’
    • ‘For a start, the new measure will not apply to existing tenants - so if you already live next door to someone who is making your life a misery, this won't help at all.’
    • ‘Wasn't her plan to stay with him purely so she could make his life a misery?’
    • ‘But what happens when you encounter the client from hell who complains endlessly about everything your company does and has made it his mission to make your life a misery?’
    • ‘It is a great pity that the sad, sick morons who have made our life a misery for endless weeks now had not been born two or three generations earlier.’
    • ‘We have a duty to protect the law abiding majority against those who are making their life a misery.’
    • ‘‘Then I will make your life a misery,’ the merchant threatened.’
    • ‘Michael, seven, who has had to deal with countless operations, also had the strength to beat the thugs who make his life a misery.’