Definition of make someone's blood run cold in US English:

make someone's blood run cold


  • Horrify someone.

    • ‘‘To think somebody is walking around with her personal details makes my blood run cold,’ she said.’
    • ‘Folks, what you are about to read will make your blood run cold.’
    • ‘I had never understood that someone could calm you with one look, the same look that made your blood run cold, or made your heart jump into your throat.’
    • ‘It made her blood run cold for a moment, then she shook the feeling off.’
    • ‘Despite the many years of experience with situations like this that I have, what I have heard today has made my blood run cold.’
    • ‘There is just no way of understand people who can do these things, and the thought of it makes my blood run cold.’
    • ‘There was a sudden scream that pierced through the silence of the night, making my blood run cold once again.’
    • ‘It makes my blood run cold just thinking about it.’
    • ‘As I reached out to pick it up a low growl made my blood run cold.’
    • ‘On the surface, this might seem like a fairly innocuous little phrase, but it is guaranteed to make my blood run cold.’
    appal, horrify, scandalize, outrage, repel, revolt, disgust, nauseate, sicken, offend, give offence to, traumatize, make someone's blood run cold, distress, upset, perturb, disturb, disquiet, unsettle, discompose, agitate
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