Definition of make someone's blood boil in US English:

make someone's blood boil


  • Infuriate someone.

    • ‘Experience what makes the Inspector tick, and what makes his blood boil.’
    • ‘I am increasingly sensitive to injustice, which makes my blood boil, and these paintings were born from the anger provoked by this horror.’
    • ‘All her words make my blood boil with jealousy and anger as she speaks the taboo.’
    • ‘The constant pictures on TV are making my blood boil.’
    • ‘‘To think that children as young as eight-years-old are terrorising pensioners in the twilight of their lives makes my blood boil,’ said Mrs. Murphy.’
    • ‘It was those thoughts that made her blood boil with anger and frustration.’
    • ‘For a small fee, the site will send out an anonymous email on your behalf to whoever it is that's making your blood boil.’
    • ‘Now we come to the bit that makes this Caucasian 's blood boil - all eight pints of it.’
    • ‘It makes my blood boil to see someone who just can't be bothered, because it implies either that they have no respect for other people or that they think they're too damn important.’
    • ‘What makes your blood boil and what inspires you?’