Definition of make room in US English:

make room


  • Move aside or move something aside to allow someone to enter or pass or to clear space for something.

    ‘the secretary entered with the coffee tray and made room for it on the desk’
    • ‘He was standing in the open doorway on the small balcony; he stood aside to make room for her.’
    • ‘Jim stepped inside the elevator after her, then moved aside to make room for several other people.’
    • ‘As a collection grows and paintings are moved about to make room for additions, each work is seen in a new way.’
    • ‘At midnight some of the tables are cleared away to make room for a dancefloor, which fills up quickly.’
    • ‘‘Sorry,’ she whispered, crowding herself onto the edge of the stairs, making room for him to pass.’
    • ‘The area of the forest they had stopped in had been cleared to make room for houses.’
    • ‘She made room for them to pass and closed the door behind her.’
    • ‘The new space makes room for a counter-height table and stools, plus a wall of pantry cupboards.’
    • ‘Clear out the space and make room for your heater to function at its best.’
    • ‘The old must move over to make room for the young, that is natures way.’