Definition of make ready in US English:

make ready


  • Prepare.

    ‘they were told to make ready for the journey home’
    • ‘It is now our own fires that must be controlled, understood, organized and made ready to confront and conquer whatever awaits us.’
    • ‘Orders were issued almost immediately to prepare for the invasion of Sicily, and the division made ready for its second amphibious operation of the war.’
    • ‘She wasn't there; the assistant principal was, but he was in the library helping make ready for a book sale.’
    • ‘It is a period of 40 days set aside in preparation and making ready for the Festival of Easter.’
    • ‘All preparations continued in sequence, and I was making ready to leave, when another party arrived.’
    • ‘Okay, they're clearing out the library and making ready for the party.’
    • ‘Then, they gathered their tools together and made ready to perform their conjuring.’
    • ‘They spent till midday tying down and securing the lines, making ready to go on land, and preparing for a quick getaway if need be.’
    • ‘In the fields, grass-land management work is making ready for the first cut of silage which will help see animals through winter.’
    • ‘The contenders are clearing the decks and making ready to do battle.’
    prepare, make preparations, make provisions, get everything ready, take the necessary steps, do the necessary, gear up for
    prepare, get ready, organize, equip, put together, fix
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