Definition of make or break in US English:

make or break


  • Be the factor which decides whether (something) will succeed or fail.

    • ‘TV coverage of elections and governmental affairs can make or break a politician's career.’
    • ‘My reply got me thinking about the different ways that elders make or break communities.’
    • ‘The big two in local football are heading for a make or break month of matches.’
    • ‘These next few weeks will be make or break for many businesses.’
    • ‘Social networking has changed the rules of the game and consumers now have the power to make or break a brand.’
    • ‘As a dining companion pointed out, the crust can make or break a pizza, and in this case, it broke it.’
    • ‘Did your mark on your grade five geography project really make or break your admittance into university?’
    • ‘The pressure, the exposure and the rewards involved in matches like these are such that they can make or break a player's career.’
    • ‘As any sports fanatic knows, commentary can make or break any game, whether on TV or on a console.’
    • ‘The quality of the lighting system is a make or break factor in the 24 Hour Race.’