Definition of make oneself useful in US English:

make oneself useful


  • Do something that is of some value or benefit to someone.

    ‘make yourself useful—get Jenny a drink’
    • ‘For it is by making themselves useful to the powerful that they gain access to the ‘best’ sources.’
    • ‘At least if they're present, you can continually chase them up in the hope that they might eventually make themselves useful and do the job they're paid for.’
    • ‘Those who would rather not attempt the event itself can still make themselves useful as helpers.’
    • ‘I'd go into law and make myself useful if I weren't so lazy.’
    • ‘After a brief discussion we decided to head up towards the fence to assess the situation and see how we might make ourselves useful.’
    • ‘I asked myself what I could do to make myself useful, indispensable even.’
    • ‘I seize this opportunity to help Mark by making myself useful.’
    • ‘I decided to make myself useful and tried my hand at making a lemon drink.’
    • ‘And this year, I've decided, I'm going to make myself useful.’
    • ‘Nice to see the man making himself useful again.’