Definition of make one's pile in US English:

make one's pile


  • Make a lot of money.

    • ‘Unfortunately Gill did not make his pile in Victoria but took to the bottle and died drunk and destitute on the steps of the Melbourne post office on 27 October 1880.’
    • ‘It's largely the preserve of TV comedians who've made their pile and are now desperately seeking some late - career credibility.’
    • ‘This is quite different from someone who has made their pile and bought a club as a hobby, much like buying a racehorse.’
    • ‘In any event, a friend who had made a pile treated himself to a new Porsche, and chose XOR FF as his plate.’
    • ‘Having made her pile by breaking the rules, Madonna has matured into a boot-camp queen.’
    • ‘He has made a pile of money from share options already, has built up substantial pension rights and could get a very nice little package.’
    • ‘Best make your pile from your supplementary talents.’
    • ‘The oil industry makes a pile of dough selling motor oil but is absolutely unwilling to lose any of that dough dealing with it.’
    • ‘Both have made their pile and are looking for something to do.’
    • ‘But he was certain that Mr H didn't look at it that way now that he'd made his pile.’
    fortune, considerable sum of money, large sum of money, vast sum of money, millions, billions
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