Definition of make one's excuses in US English:

make one's excuses


  • Say politely that one is leaving or cannot be present.

    • ‘I presumed you would politely make your excuses and leave, the moment my world became calm, normal, mundane.’
    • ‘He let them into his home and was making them a drink while they searched the house before making their excuses and leaving.’
    • ‘I will be making my excuses to parties this person throws from now on.’
    • ‘I try not to entertain the doubts; I leave them sitting in the corner, reading material out of reach, and hope they'll get bored and make their excuses.’
    • ‘But before I could make my excuses and leave, they made their excuses and left.’
    • ‘Some of us took the opportunity to make our excuses and hit for the nearest McDonald's (not too far away, of course).’
    • ‘I politely made my excuses as I headed off leaving the two gents of the night to their business.’
    • ‘The only difference is while I enjoy dancing, John makes his excuses whenever we mention teaching him the steps.’
    • ‘We made our excuses and left, leaving the presents behind to be opened another day, stringing out Christmas yet further.’
    • ‘Amanda in that moment made her excuses and politely left the room.’