Definition of make much of in US English:

make much of


  • Give or ascribe a significant amount of attention or importance to.

    ‘the island can make much of its history as a trading post between Europe and the Arab world’
    • ‘No one will probably make much of his low ethics in the matter, either.’
    • ‘On the news tonight, a reporter made much of a family's grief and joy, somewhere in the heartland.’
    • ‘Burginde made much of very little, but there was wisdom in her ways, I could see.’
    • ‘The incident was made much of in the American newspapers, and there was a general outcry from the U.S. public.’
    • ‘Obviously, the defense team is making much of this, the prosecution saying it will have no effect on either case.’
    • ‘The Dutch have made much of their fantastic flood preparedness compared to us.’
    • ‘In discussing the song ‘Watching the River Flow’, he makes much of what he calls the ‘choppy’ arrangement and how it works against the lyric.’
    • ‘Mr Taylor makes much of what he regards as the failure of the Council to advise him of his right to appeal to the County Court.’
    • ‘Mr. Weigel makes much of what he sees as atheistic humanism in Europe, and he calls for a revitalization of Europe's Christian roots.’
    • ‘It may be 35 years since the Beatles broke up, but even now Liverpool still makes much of its Fab Four heritage.’
    • ‘This isn't a huge error on its own, of course, and if it were the only error, I wouldn't make much of it.’
    • ‘The two senators today made much of their optimism.’
    • ‘I think he is making much of the relations with neighbouring countries more than anything and is making efforts to deepen mutual understanding.’
    • ‘That is what he pushed hardest in the campaign, but it's an issue he never made much of until then.’
    • ‘Of course, her Junoesque figure was exploited in the films and made much of in the media.’
    • ‘People are making much of Mr Wilson's credibility.’
    • ‘No doubt, additionally, Mr Sage was glad to be made much of, and interested to take part in the preparation of the case.’
    • ‘As you know, the Democrats are making much of that relationship with your company.’
    • ‘Hasan makes much of the hijab, worn for reasons of modesty.’
    • ‘The press made much of his motorcycle, leather jackets and T-shirts, his bongo drum playing.’
    flatter, compliment, praise, commend, admire, express admiration for, pay tribute to, say nice things about
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