Definition of make like in US English:

make like


North American
  • Pretend to be; imitate.

    ‘tell the whole group to make like a bird by putting their arms out’
    • ‘When they came in, I made like it was my house and that the unexpected-but-very-very-welcome guests had arrived.’
    • ‘He makes like a much saner but less personable Iggy Pop.’
    • ‘Marty Anderson, who was on the pro tour at the time, used to make like a bird and pretend to fly.’
    • ‘Jones was making like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the aftermath of his sacking, promising that he'll be back.’
    • ‘If you want an alternative to a T-shirt or vest, make like Kate Moss and wear your skirt with a waistcoat and nothing else.’
    • ‘I've been here, blogging away, making like we were the strong, ever-capable parenting-types, when in truth, we're unmitigated failures.’
    • ‘Of course this was before she made like Patti LaBelle and got a new attitude.’
    • ‘Miller makes like a guitar hero yet again and Prescott screams about being master of his domain.’
    • ‘Let's see; there are bongos and guitars and cymbals and gongs and a saxophone, and one or more gentlemen grunting and moaning and generally making like Mark E. Smith.’
    • ‘If you're more the type to let the ocean provide the motion, why not spend a day at one of the fabulous wave pools, making like ducks.’
    imitate, mimic, do an impression of, ape
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