Definition of make history in US English:

make history


  • Do something that is remembered in or influences the course of history.

    • ‘Every day remember that, then organise, not just to make history but to change its course.’
    • ‘And I think that does a disservice because people who participate in making history don't think of themselves as making history.’
    • ‘Let's value the lessons of world history as we continue to make history.’
    • ‘A president who makes history is of interest mostly to historians.’
    • ‘It might be another historic night and let's make history by trying to do what's almost impossible.’
    • ‘It is a vision which will transform York from a city which lives history - to one which makes history.’
    • ‘They came here, claiming to try to make history, but evidently making history implies not losing the series rather than winning.’
    • ‘Some would argue that historians are not supposed to make history, that they should confine themselves to writing it.’
    • ‘This is the first time our sport is making history.’
    • ‘I found without doubt some of the most powerful women in history making history at the times when Venus crossed the Sun.’