Definition of make conversation in US English:

make conversation


  • Talk for the sake of politeness without having anything to say.

    ‘we sat together, trying somewhat stiltedly to make conversation’
    • ‘He didn't say anything, even when Jessica tried to make conversation.’
    • ‘They usually get a surprised look on their face - they're just making conversation - and then I have to explain.’
    • ‘Trying to create when you don't feel like it is like making conversation for the sake of making conversation.’
    • ‘‘Look at this mess,’ I say, making conversation, forgiving her intrusion.’
    • ‘That helps anyway, because the loud music prevents you from making conversation unless you keep moving your chair forward.’
    • ‘Volunteers for this scheme need to be caring, reliable and good at making conversation.’
    • ‘I guess you could say they were just making conversation, but I have a low tolerance of people who talk in the sauna and this exchange further confirmed my prejudice.’
    • ‘As I wait at the breakfast table, I attempt to make conversation with an elderly couple, but they don't speak English.’
    • ‘She politely started to make conversation and the trio were laughing within minutes.’
    • ‘We ate at the main table in the hotel with the regular guests which involved learning western table manners and making conversation in English with those guests who would ask us a kind question or two.’