Definition of make an (or one's) entrance in US English:

make an (or one's) entrance


  • 1(of an actor or performer) come on stage.

    • ‘Her entrance is made toward the strobe lights of center stage.’
    • ‘While protocol states I shouldn't pass critical judgment on a preview performance, it might be okay to say that by far the most entertaining part came midway through the second act, when one of the actors was attempting to make his entrance.’
    • ‘Witness his first speech when he makes his entrance on stage.’
    • ‘Then the explosions make their entrance, stage left to resounding fanfare.’
    • ‘The lights dimmed, and Mr. Showmanship made his entrance, flying across the huge stage in a cocoon of feathers, enough for a whole flock of purple ostriches.’
    • ‘The rain came down just as the band made a spectacular entrance, abseiling on to the stage to perform their No 1 single.’
    • ‘He let his band make the big entrance and then strolled on stage to astonish the masses with his powerful and flawless new take on the 1974 gem.’
    • ‘We heard his voice before he makes his entrance on stage and what a sweet voice it was.’
    • ‘When she made her entrance on the stage last week, she was one of the youngest nominees but already an old hand at steering the limelight her way.’
    • ‘The only true laugh I had was when the first actor out on stage tripped and fell as she made her entrance - it was all downhill from there.’
    1. 1.1 Enter somewhere in a conspicuous or impressive way.
      ‘she slowly counted to ten before making her entrance’
      • ‘To begin, let's assume that he makes his entrance by riding horseback up to reception at the best hotel in town.’
      • ‘I had to sneak up on to the roof of the north stand forty minutes before making my entrance while all the safety checks were made.’
      • ‘There will still be tall windows, so that the staff can spot an approaching regular and have his drink poured before he makes his entrance.’
      • ‘The animals make their entrance: a tiny elephant, a lion, a monkey, a rabbit, a giant peacock, a stork, another elephant and a buffalo with a wonderfully contorting and expressive face.’
      • ‘Shortly after the writer makes his entrance, a smiling housekeeper follows with two glasses of water and then vanishes.’
      • ‘How do they make their entrance in Australian film?’
      • ‘For the fifth consecutive day, the weather was kind and the Queen and her party were able to make their entrance in horse-drawn carriages.’
      • ‘Here's Scarlet O'Hara making her entrance in a dress made out of old drapes.’
      • ‘The six colonies joined to form a federal Commonwealth, and the labour movement made its political entrance.’
      • ‘When he makes his entrance into politics, he has to win.’