Definition of make a production of in US English:

make a production of


  • Do (something) in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way.

    • ‘At every frequent stop, Coralie makes a production of waving the door to get fresh air.’
    • ‘She made a production of glancing between Markus and me.’
    • ‘He flushed and made a production of opening his binder and shuffling his notes.’
    • ‘He was glaring at me over his shoulder and making a production of being reluctantly dragged away.’
    • ‘Desmond made a production of apologizing, but Michael remained stiffly silent.’
    • ‘If you have a houseful of guests, making a production of every meal leaves you with little time or energy to enjoy them.’
    exaggerate, overstate, do to death, overemphasize, overplay, go overboard with, dramatize, overdramatize
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