Definition of make a match in US English:

make a match


  • Form a partnership, especially by getting married.

    • ‘A Boston matron he met during his trip north tried to persuade him to remain in that city in the hopes of making a match for a marriageable daughter.’
    • ‘However, the very next day she was besieged with complaints from her disappointed newlyweds, and conceded the great wisdom needed for making a match that leads to a happy marriage.’
    • ‘Matrimonials on the Net may have a long way to go before they start rivalling the conventional ways of making a match, but web companies are really striving hard to realise the latent potential of this medium.’
    • ‘Surely this is now her only chance of making a match, for any respectable gentleman is bound to be dissuaded from asking for her hand.’
    • ‘Her plan is to send Tess to get the woman to take her in and make a match for her with a wealthy man so that the family will be set for life.’
    • ‘Both in the movies and in life, Tracy thought he and Hepburn were far too different to make a match; she thought they were much too alike.’
    • ‘Apparently they were planning to make a match for me.’