Definition of make a go of in US English:

make a go of


  • Be successful in (something)

    ‘he's determined to make a go of his marriage’
    • ‘Six months ago her sentence was deferred to see if she could stay out of trouble and make a go of her life.’
    • ‘But Ben is determined to make a go of his stage career.’
    • ‘The Portuguese couple are making a go of the plantations again as well as growing chillies and pineapples.’
    • ‘As for the town centre, the businesses cannot make a go of it because there is simply not enough trade.’
    • ‘Just getting cracking and making a go of bringing up kids on your own isn't news!’
    • ‘Even after picking up that guitar and making a go of it as a musician, he still revels in the reputation of being a bad man, a womanizer, a hard drinker; that's at least part of the appeal for people who buy his records.’
    • ‘I owe that job a lot: it was the first time I was being paid to do drama and it got me thinking I could actually make a go of being a professional actor.’
    • ‘He said that last year he had found work at BMW and was making a go of his life.’
    • ‘And now that Chris is here, making a go of his business, he has no intentions of heading home.’
    • ‘The worst, though, was to come in the summer of 2002 when he resolved, despite everything, to make a go of it in his last season at the club.’