Definition of make a fuss over in US English:

make a fuss over

(British make a fuss of)


  • Treat (a person or animal) with excessive attention or affection.

    ‘she hated it when people made a fuss over her’
    • ‘I was thoroughly pampered and made a fuss of, and although I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky or deserving, I loved every minute of it.’
    • ‘He made sure there was food and water there for me and he always spoke kindly to me, made a fuss over me.’
    • ‘He always used to play with her and make a fuss of her - and she used to play with his mask sometimes.’
    • ‘I'm no canine expert, but I know that when your dog is inconsolably terrified due to random fireworks exploding around your house, the worse thing you can do is make a fuss of them as you are inadvertently praising the behaviour.’
    • ‘‘She's quiet and quite shy, and loves to be stroked and made a fuss of,’ said owner Margaret Brown.’
    • ‘And she's always loved to be cuddled and nursed and made a fuss of by her parents.’
    • ‘Nor does he display too much affection or make a fuss over them.’
    • ‘Mealtimes seem to be a particular success, with some residents inviting children to sit at their tables and making a fuss of them.’
    • ‘What really bothered me was that he didn't seem too surprised that his mother wasn't taking much notice of him - mind you, he had his daddy making a fuss over him, which is something that happens about a millionth as much as I'd like.’
    • ‘She never wanted people to make a fuss over her, although she loved to make a fuss over them.’