Definition of make a (or one's) fortune in US English:

make a (or one's) fortune


  • Acquire great wealth by one's own efforts.

    • ‘Originally, the employees tended to be young, single men bent on making their fortune quickly and then leaving.’
    • ‘In one of the most extraordinary ironies of history, Gutenburg's efforts to make his fortune by popularising the Bible were to play a decisive role in the undermining of the influence of the organised church.’
    • ‘London is a honeypot for young Scots with dreams of making their fortune, but many end up living on the streets, too ashamed or demoralised to return, according to researchers.’
    • ‘He inherited his wealth from his father, who made his fortune in manufacturing and selling cigars.’
    • ‘It's almost certain that the real estate ‘expert’ encouraging you to make your fortune in real estate is making his fortune from you.’
    • ‘She answers an enigmatic classified ad and travels to New York City not to make her fortune, for fortunes are rare in the sixth year of the Great Depression, but to survive.’
    • ‘Corzine made his fortune by acquiring and maintaining the vast majority of his net worth in Goldman Sachs.’
    • ‘Today's episode has a brisk rehearsal of his business career: failing quite lucratively as an oilman, and then making his fortune out of public funds as part-owner of a football team.’
    • ‘There were few who entered the dancehall business in the early 1900s with the intention of making their fortune from it.’
    • ‘It proved to be tin but their dreams of making their fortune on mining tin proved illusory.’
    make a large profit, make a fortune, make one's fortune, gain, profit, make money, be successful, be lucky
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