Definition of make a — fist of in US English:

make a — fist of


  • Do something to the specified degree of success.

    ‘I think he's made a good fist of it’
    • ‘For much of the first half, however, Scotland looked set to make a good fist of it.’
    • ‘There's a shortage of romantic films here, but this makes a good fist of the novel, and films usually only cope with short stories.’
    • ‘In essence correct, it was still possible to feel sympathy for the visitors, who again showed signs that they can make a decent fist of a campaign that is all about survival.’
    • ‘She makes a reasonable fist of appearing down-to-earth but every so often, you see how warped the foundations are.’
    • ‘And the fact that the Irishman is apparently making a decent fist of that is forcing quite a few people in football to reconsider their judgment of the manager, if not of the man.’
    • ‘And if I know how something should feel, I can make a good fist of making it happen.’
    • ‘It's a chance to show that he can believably play an older character, and he makes a decent fist of the hateful narcissist made good.’
    • ‘And I knew I could do things, and I applied for about 60 jobs out of the paper that I thought I would make a good fist of.’
    • ‘For a man whose first love is cricket, he isn't making a bad fist of professional rugby.’
    • ‘Combining interviews with investigators, family and friends of victims and dramatic reconstructions of the crimes, the show makes a decent fist of bringing its selection of harrowing tales to life.’