Definition of make (or put in) an appearance in US English:

make (or put in) an appearance


  • Attend an event briefly, typically out of courtesy.

    • ‘With a host of promising new drivers making an appearance and some marvellous machinery on view, the event seems set for a successful summer.’
    • ‘Experience has shown that, if a drug is available in Britain, it's only a matter of time before it puts in an appearance here.’
    • ‘It also involves casual activities such as going on a sight-seeing trip or making an appearance at an event - all of which take place in public view and therefore can be easily remembered.’
    • ‘Frogs and herons also made an appearance and in spring the otters appeared.’
    • ‘Though he failed to make an appearance on that occasion, it can only be a matter of time before he makes his international debut.’
    • ‘However, with the crowd reassured that both players would make an appearance on the pitch during the changeover, play got underway.’
    • ‘It's only for the children who attend the playschool and Santa is to put in an appearance there also.’
    • ‘These often put in an appearance in late summer, and no matter how many times you've seen one, it remains an incredible buzz.’
    • ‘The tame bald eagle, brought in for truly patriotic events, made an appearance.’
    • ‘Even the local police put in an appearance, arriving to investigate a bogus complaint about the noise.’
    arrive, turn up, put in an appearance, make an appearance, come, get here, get there, present oneself
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