Definition of make (or pull) a face (or faces) in US English:

make (or pull) a face (or faces)


  • Produce an expression on one's face that shows dislike, disgust, or some other negative emotion, or that is intended to be amusing.

    ‘she made a face and tossed her purse at him’
    • ‘He hides behind the door and pulls faces at the camera.’
    • ‘She paused, pulling a face in dislike of its plainness.’
    • ‘He was shouting at me and pulling faces and laughing.’
    • ‘By the time, Revathy walked in, barely 10 minutes after the children were seated, one little boy was in tears and screaming while the rest were making futile attempts at pulling faces to cheer him up.’
    • ‘It's pure clownery, making faces and funny sounds in the hope that somebody will laugh.’
    • ‘So the next time you see me grimacing and tying to make faces: actually I'm not.’
    • ‘When she caught him looking at her she frowned and made a face at him until he turned away.’
    • ‘She pulls a face to suggest that he was not happy about being called up, but he went in any case.’
    • ‘Daniel pulled a face at Arthur, making clear his disapproval and dislike of Alicia's suitor.’
    • ‘Nuvolari had a colourful driving style, sitting up high in the seat and pulling faces while racing.’
    grimace, scowl, wry face, wince, frown, glower, smirk, pout, moue
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