Definition of majorly in US English:



  • as submodifier Very; extremely.

    ‘I'm majorly depressed’
    • ‘Don't let this week's majorly stubborn vibes make you resistant to information about new ways of doing things.’
    • ‘Not quite as slammed together as it's predecessors, '92's El Mariachi and '95's Desperado, but still majorly fun.’
    • ‘I couldn't help but mimic the fact Sean was upset, so I was majorly depressed and upset all through the next period.’
    • ‘It's that idea that you should be always available 24/7 for someone to talk about something not majorly important.’
    • ‘Perhaps there're some majorly misplaced priorities here.’
    • ‘Timing is everything when it comes to telling that skateboarding babe you're majorly crushing on him.’
    • ‘He's the host of a majorly successful weekday series in syndication.’
    • ‘So I'm grinning from ear to ear, and am majorly relieved.’
    • ‘So, majorly tired, I'm trying to catalogue the day.’
    • ‘Later, Lizzie calls to tell you she's majorly ticked off at you.’
    • ‘Okay, strike all that… I think i'm a bit right, but I've been majorly wrong before.’
    • ‘One thing that fell majorly flat were the villains.’
    • ‘And this pair had the majorly buffed legs of people who ride hard every day.’
    • ‘And the improvements that the AR community is fighting for will majorly benefit YOU!’
    • ‘The ten-course meal was luxurious and abundant, and majorly out done.’
    • ‘How can I tell her without majorly hurting our friendship?’
    • ‘One guy goofed up majorly by starting the GD before she had even said start…’
    • ‘Fortunately she hasn't been majorly disfigured or anything, otherwise they'd have had to break the nose again and re-set it.’
    • ‘I also cut, have no self-esteem and tried to kill myself, nothing majorly serious, on a number of occasions.’
    • ‘Still, officialdom can get overly cautious when something majorly bad happens.’
    very, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, tremendously, immensely, vastly, hugely
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