Definition of maintenance man in US English:

maintenance man


  • A person employed to look after a building or piece of equipment.

    ‘the maintenance man found smoke coming out of the apartment’
    • ‘The maintenance man is moving the thermostat in our office today.’
    • ‘George, the maintenance man, is trying his best to keep the field looking decent, but there is only so much he can do.’
    • ‘She stood out of the way while the hotel manager and the maintenance men worked to get the elevator running again.’
    • ‘A maintenance man checked the platform and found a bolt missing, but told Glover it was safe to keep working until it was replaced.’
    • ‘The hotel's maintenance man was unavailable.’
    • ‘A crew of maintenance men were dispatched to take out the entire row of seats to free the kid.’
    • ‘The maintenance man was working to override the store's lighting system, which is set to automatically turn the lights on an hour later.’
    • ‘The maintenance men put an embargo on overtime until the firm agrees to negotiate on the increases.’
    • ‘Her father lived on the Manton House estate for many years, where he worked as a maintenance man.’
    • ‘The dedicated group of staff consists of carers, cooks, a full-time domestic cleaner and a maintenance man, which allows for the smooth running of the home.’