Definition of maintenance grant in US English:

maintenance grant


  • A sum of money given by by an authority to an individual, especially a student in higher education, to help with living costs.

    ‘our son qualified for the maximum maintenance grant’
    • ‘The media will ask if Scottish Labour candidates support maintenance grants.’
    • ‘He had been means-tested for the £2500-a-year maintenance grant when he was on the dole.’
    • ‘This money will go toward maintenance grants and support for orphans.’
    • ‘Up to 50,000 students will face delays of up to a month in receiving their maintenance grants at the start of the college year.’
    • ‘Most people have no idea that these students will not have to pay fees and will receive, for the first time for years, a substantial maintenance grant.’
    • ‘She welcomed the increase in maintenance grant, which was long overdue.’
    • ‘Even with the modest increase announced by the Minister, the level of maintenance grant is still totally inadequate to cover the basic living costs of a student.’
    • ‘Mr Clarke will also announce the restoration of means-tested maintenance grants for poorer students.’
    • ‘When I left university my tuition fees had been paid for me, I'd had a maintenance grant, and I'd borrowed a series of cheap student loans from the Government.’
    • ‘But more seriously the key to the government reforms is that maintenance grants will be restored to those from the poorest backgrounds.’