Definition of maintenance fee in US English:

maintenance fee


  • 1A charge made for maintenance on a property which has been leased.

    ‘some apartment owners had seen their maintenance fees rise by as much as 300 percent in a year’
    • ‘Expect to pay maintenance fees, which include care of the lawns, grounds, pools, and pest control.’
    • ‘While the condo complex must actually attend to such things, your maintenance fee may pay for some of that upkeep.’
    • ‘She saw the maintenance fees for her apartment rise from about 460 euros in 1996 to 1,010 euros today.’
    • ‘With no tenant since July 2002, she's been paying the mortgage and maintenance fees herself - a total of $1,000 a month.’
    • ‘The Lord Mayor of Dublin recently called for a cap on apartment maintenance fees.’
    • ‘Maintenance fees can cost from $300 to $600 a month depending on the resort.’
    • ‘The yearly maintenance fee covers property costs, insurance, refurbishing, and taxes for approximately $370 per week of annual use.’
    • ‘If neither party uses the time-share in a particular year, each party shall pay 50% of the maintenance fees for that year.’
    • ‘Rental management companies typically charge a 10 per cent rental fee, plus a 10 per cent maintenance fee after the client has moved in.’
    • ‘This man left me with a mortgage four months behind, credit card debt, no food, and a maintenance fee of over $1,000.’
    1. 1.1 A fee charged by a financial institution for maintaining an investor's account.
      ‘investors should watch out for maintenance fees on inactive accounts’
      • ‘The bank charges its Spanish customers a maximum current-account maintenance fee of 22 euros every six months.’
      • ‘According to a 2013 survey, ATM, overdraft and monthly maintenance fees all hit record highs last year.’
      • ‘The card will have no connection fees, account maintenance fees, or minimum monthly charges.’
      • ‘Individual fees are charged directly to the plan participant's account for special plan features like loan origination and loan maintenance fees.’
      • ‘If the account itself doesn't generate the revenues to offset the cost, then for that value we charge a maintenance fee.’
      • ‘Most of the accounts were subject to a monthly maintenance fee and there were the usual ATM withdrawal fees as well.’
      • ‘Next, they subtract interest costs plus maintenance fees, yielding a positive cash flow of $5,000 a year.’
      • ‘There are no monthly account maintenance fees.’
      • ‘And that $2 monthly maintenance fee is pretty high, so if you don't think you'll use it, you may want to avoid the pre-paid cash card.’
      • ‘Moreover, the investor gets higher return at lower maintenance fees than compared to the traditional retirement plans.’