Definition of maintainer in US English:



  • 1A person or thing that maintains something, in particular computer software.

    • ‘In the OSS community the leader of an open source software development project is referred to as the maintainer.’
    • ‘Linux is a gift culture, where numerous programmers and maintainers contribute code for all to have.’
    • ‘More typical are linear structures or phased structures that hand off a project from developers to clients or maintainers.’
    • ‘Instead, the fire brigade consists primarily of the maintainers of the software.’
    • ‘Greg Kroah-Hartman currently is the Linux kernel maintainer for a variety of different driver subsystems.’
    • ‘In addition, these sub-system maintainers may trust another handful of local developers to commit changes into their own repositories.’
    • ‘I'm happy, and hopefully the USB maintainer also will be happy with the changes.’
    • ‘Pete Zaitcev has been listed as maintainer for both the USB block driver and the Yamaha PCI sound driver.’
    • ‘Then the Flickr system maintainers discovered even more problems.’
    • ‘These small patches can be concatenated together when distributed to project maintainers.’
    • ‘Torvalds might consult particular maintainers or ask the community for feedback, but there is no formal vote or clear balance of power.’
    • ‘Besides, maintainers of filesystems rarely accept feature-enhancement patches to their stable filesystems.’
    • ‘It is inappropriate to force search engine maintainers to establish from all publishers if there is a linking permission.’
    • ‘Local shell access to the FTP server for GNU maintainers has been withdrawn pending completion of its certification activities.’
    • ‘One wrote that I am now ‘the maintainer of the Linux anti-lawsuit kernel’.’
    • ‘However, the best we can hope for if the redirect document fell out is to e-mail the maintainer to ask them to re-insert.’
    • ‘The temptation for the project maintainer is to keep multiple legacy interfaces coordinated with the latest version.’
    • ‘Networked connections would allow maintainers to monitor vehicle health and configure onboard software.’
    • ‘As the maintainer of this blog with less and less time, I would gladly give it up in exchange for spam to no longer be an issue.’
    • ‘It further exposes Internet Service Providers and Web site maintainers internationally to litigation.’
    1. 1.1Law historical A person guilty of aiding a party in a legal action without lawful cause.
      • ‘Where there is a genuine and legitimate common business interest between the maintainer and the maintained in the result of litigation, some activities in support of litigation may be justifiable.’
      • ‘I therefore gave no thought to the possibility that any donors who were effectively paying Crockers Oswald Hickson's fees might conceivably be liable to the defendant as maintainers.’