Definition of mainsheet in US English:



  • A sheet used for controlling the mainsail of a sailing vessel.

    • ‘Most 28s have tiller steering that is easily put out of the way at anchor and the mainsheet attaches aft of the cockpit so as to not interfere with passengers.’
    • ‘It once again tries blowing over, and I think someone else came over and uncleated the mainsheet.’
    • ‘I've been passed more than once on the race course by a Laser sailor with a mainsheet clinched firmly in his teeth while I was fiddling to get something positioned just right.’
    • ‘He let go the mainsheet - then reached over and released the halyard for the mainsail - which lowered the boom.’
    • ‘‘Let's go,’ Scully calls, orchestrating a jury rig to handle the sail while he splices in a new mainsheet.’