Definition of mail coach in US English:

mail coach


  • A stagecoach carrying mail along a regular route between two places.

    ‘a mail coach from Aberdeen passed through the village daily’
    • ‘While Hunt was arrested, Carlile escaped and was hidden by radical friends before catching the mail coach to London.’
    • ‘The invention of the steam locomotive rendered stage and mail coaches obsolete.’
    • ‘Croft secured himself an outside seat on the mail coach behind the driver.’
    • ‘Soon the hotel became a staging place for mail coaches on the run between Wentworth and South Australia.’
    • ‘Those lucky to own a horse were able to travel much better and faster than those who had to rely on mail coaches.’
    • ‘The information would have been in the newspapers which came with the mail coaches.’
    • ‘Often he had to go the four miles to the next mail coach by foot.’
    • ‘John Palmer started the first mail coach service from London to Bristol.’
    • ‘From this, over the years, the mail coach spread throughout England and soon became one of the wonders of the land.’
    • ‘When the guard aboard a mail coach blew a blast on his horn, private vehicles pulled over, and tollgate keepers promptly opened the barrier.’
    • ‘The plaintiff entered into a contract with the Postmaster General to drive a mail coach.’