Definition of maidenhead in English:



  • 1Virginity.

    • ‘The circumstances of a middle-class revolution thus thrust upon the women of that same class the duty of carrying, in the form of their maidenhead, the burden of the argument of moral equality.’
    • ‘The Water Spirit and the witch Jeibaba act as parental figures, trying to preserve their daughter's maidenhead.’
    • ‘The actual caption is, ‘Protect What's Yours’ - which could either mean ‘your woman’ or, in the unlikely event the reader is a female, ‘your maidenhead.’’
    • ‘She elopes with her 19-year-old ‘Adonis’, Charles, to a convenient public house in Chelsea, where she finally surrenders her maidenhead.’
    • ‘He took my maidenhead from me, and told me that I was getting the first of him as well.’
    1. 1.1 The hymen.
      • ‘Paintings symbolized Mary's hymen as an unbroken pane of glass, and poems like Pope's The Rape of the Lock figured the maiden's maidenhead as fine, breakable porcelain.’
      • ‘The nurse finally arrived and immediately began examining the girl's lip and maidenhead as Rhian looked on.’