Definition of maidenhair tree in US English:

maidenhair tree


  • The ginkgo, whose leaves resemble those of the maidenhair fern.

    • ‘The filmmaker also found unusual trees: a tea plant, a ban oak, copper beeches, a maidenhair tree in Killarney, and a Kentucky coffee bean tree in Greenside.’
    • ‘The leaves grow in clusters on the tips of short shoots up to 3 inches long, and they resemble the leaflet shape of a maidenhair fern, hence the plant's nickname, the maidenhair tree.’
    • ‘At nurseries during early fall, plants like the butter yellow maidenhair tree can have more visual impact than rows of annuals.’
    • ‘A tricycle costing 4 yuan took us around the area, to the two 600-year-old maidenhair trees, then on to the 700-year temple, which is presently being rebuilt.’
    • ‘There has already been such a selection of a national flower and tree, with the peony and maidenhair tree proving most popular.’
    • ‘Located in the city's west Hongqiao area, the hotel is in a forest of several hundred camphors, pines and maidenhair trees - a green oasis in a metropolis.’
    • ‘Its common name is the maidenhair tree because its leaves closely resemble those of the fern.’
    • ‘Ginkgo biloba extracts are prepared from the green leaves of the maidenhair tree.’


maidenhair tree

/ˈmeɪdnˌhɛ(ə)r ˌtri/