Definition of mahalo in English:


noun & exclamation

  • A Hawaiian word used when thanking someone.

    ‘mahalo to all of you who took the time to vote’
    • ‘A big mahalo to Dan for sharing some of his beautiful photos with me so I can in turn share them with you.’
    • ‘Much mahalo.’
    • ‘‘How much do I owe you?’ he asked after the third set. ‘Twenty-five.’ He gave him thirty. ‘Mucho mahalo.’’
    • ‘Mahalo for making it all come alive for me once again and keep up the good work.’
    • ‘A big mahalo to Adrienne LaFrance for her well-written and informative article exploring issues associated with confinement of elephants at Honolulu Zoo.’
    • ‘A big mahalo to the North Shore Lifeguards who worked hard to make sure everyone received the best possible first responder medical attention available.’
    • ‘A big mahalo to Val for sharing the following link and invitation.’
    • ‘What could I say but mahalo?’
    • ‘A big mahalo to the Legion of Mary at Sacred Heart Church, for another beautiful May Crowning.’
    • ‘I saw only two streets bearing English names, and I was surprised to hear the staff at the local Wal-Mart end their pages with "mahalo," the Hawaiian word for "thank you."’
    • ‘I would just like to extend a great big mahalo to you and all the work that you are doing to get this very important and useful information out and more accessible.’