Definition of magniloquence in US English:



  • Use of high-flown language.

    ‘there was no trace of magniloquence’
    • ‘Magniloquence is monotonous, but the talk of the host of the Golden Lion and his neighbours rises and falls with a natural variety.’
    • ‘‘I got all that I want in life,’ Toogood declares with typical magniloquence in the album's penultimate track.’
    • ‘Goethe's manner of proceeding, he declared, is at bottom "that of parody," and the turn of a straw " would set the reader laughing at these farm-horses transformed into coursers, these village innkeepers and apothecaries who speak with the magniloquence of a Ulysses or a Nestor.’
    • ‘She may not have been quite humourless in the magniloquence of her portrait of her patron Dr Boucard.’
    grandiloquence, loftiness, grandiosity, pompousness, pomposity, pretentiousness, bombast, rhetoric, turgidity, boastfulness, pretension, ornateness
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