Definition of magnetosphere in US English:



  • The region surrounding the earth or another astronomical body in which its magnetic field is the predominant effective magnetic field.

    • ‘August 2 marked the beginning of 10 days of flares and explosions that would stir up the magnetosphere and radiation belts of Earth.’
    • ‘Some of the currents that flow through the magnetosphere can flow down along the Earth's magnetic field to form two ovals of current centered on the north and south magnetic poles.’
    • ‘Unlike Earth, which sits inside a protective magnetic shield called the magnetosphere, Mars does not have a global magnetic field to protect it from solar flares and cosmic rays.’
    • ‘Observations from Earth showed that Jupiter has a massive magnetosphere and that the planet emits radiation at radio wavelengths.’
    • ‘Like the Solar Wind, the magnetosphere is full of plasma, consisting of ions and electrons.’