Definition of magnetoresistive in US English:



  • See magnetoresistance

    • ‘The sensor preferably is either an anisotopic magnetoresistive element or a spin valve element less than 0.6 m wide.’
    • ‘Today, the tunneling magnetoresistive heads have become a mainstream technology for the hard disk industry and will still be a technology of choice for future hard disk products.’
    • ‘The use of tunneling magnetoresistive reading heads has helped to maintain a fast growth of areal density, which is one of the key advantages of hard disk drives as compared to solid-state memories.’
    • ‘Thus all the elegant science and engineering of the disk drive - the aerodynamic heads, the magnetoresistive sensors, the ruthenium film - has its ultimate fulfillment in replaying soap operas and old Star Trek episodes.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the whole region passed by the object in the alignment direction of the magnetoresistive elements is a magnetic sensitive region.’