Definition of magnetoresistance in US English:



  • The dependence of the electrical resistance of a body on an external magnetic field.

    • ‘This type of magnetoresistance is called ballistic because the electrons' paths are so short that the particles don't collide with atoms as they zip through the nanocontact.’
    • ‘Read heads based on giant magnetoresistance further increase the storage capacity of hard disc drives.’
    • ‘The discovery of giant magnetoresistance immediately opened the door to a wealth of new scientific and technological possibilities, including a tremendous influence on the technique of data storage and magnetic sensors.’
    • ‘A magnetoresistance effect type head for reproducing includes a lower shielding film and a magnetoresistance effect sensor film between the lower shielding film and the lower magnetic core.’
    • ‘This expression clearly shows that the magnetoresistance effect arises from the difference between the resistance behaviour of the spin up and down electrons.’