Definition of magnetometry in US English:



  • See magnetometer

    • ‘Magnetometry is nowadays the most efficient non-destructive geophysical method of modern archaeology.’
    • ‘Since solar magnetic fields are the key to understanding the structures and dynamics of the solar atmosphere, precise vector magnetometry is a desirable ingredient to almost every observing program.’
    • ‘Gorman and coworkers used ultrasonography and magnetometry to measure diaphragmatic length at different lung volumes in 10 men with COPD and 10 control subjects.’
    • ‘Although magnetometry can be used for coarse delineation of bedrock structure, its resolution is relatively poor.’
    • ‘This kind of magnetometry could be very useful for nondestructive testing of materials.’
    • ‘Another measures disturbances to the earth's magnetic field (magnetometry) caused by buried features such as some construction materials, pottery, pits, ditches and walls.’