Definition of magnetize in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Give magnetic properties to; make magnetic.

    • ‘Floppy disks, hard disks, Zip disks and backup tapes all work by magnetizing small areas on the surface of the disk.’
    • ‘The fact that a material can be magnetized does not necessarily mean that it will retain its magnetism once the applied magnetic field has been removed.’
    • ‘Some materials, called diamagnetic, tend to become magnetized in a direction opposite to the magnetic field being applied to them.’
    • ‘The rocks generated during the Emeishan Basalts' terminal phase were magnetized during a reverse polarity field.’
    • ‘An electromagnet records bits by magnetizing small areas of the crystalline film covering the disk.’
    • ‘To magnetize something, you want to have a a residual magnetization in the absence of a applied field.’
    • ‘When the amplifier is switched on, all the tuning-forks are magnetised, and become electro-magnets.’
    • ‘At the ridge the rock being formed from mantle material is magnetized in the direction of the magnetic field, and as it moves away from the ridge it carries with it a record of the direction.’
    • ‘When the material is magnetized, usually by applying a high intensity pulse from an external magnetizing field, many of the individual domains rotate so that they are aligned with the external field.’
    • ‘The crucial trick here is that the width of the bands must be smaller than their diameter, so that the nanorods can be magnetized crosswise, rather than along their long axis.’
    • ‘Subsequent tests suggested that the cells magnetized only when they contained some rubidium metal inside, a by-product of the helium alignment procedure.’
    • ‘Placing it close enough to a magnet or placing it in a strong electromagnetic field can magnetize non - magnetized magnetite.’
    • ‘The disk drives and floppy drives in your computer also magnetize small dots to store your files.’
    • ‘Perpendicular recording enables the bits to be magnetized on end, perpendicular to the disk surface (rather than parallel to the surface).’
    • ‘This structure presents positive and negative magnetising orientations at the surface of the microwire when this is subjected to a magnetic field, i.e. the microwire becomes magnetised.’
    • ‘The current magnetises the iron core and creates a pair of magnetic poles, one North, and the other South.’
    • ‘Because the string is magnetized, the magnetic field surrounding it will also vibrate with the string.’
    • ‘A 12-volt electromagnet stationed on the outer surface of the flow channel acts as the valving mechanism; it constricts the flow of the fluid by magnetizing the iron particulates.’
    • ‘What was really tricky was magnetizing the computers without messing them up.’
    • ‘Electrical current is passed through the wire, which strongly magnetises the iron core.’
    1. 1.1figurative Attract strongly as if by a magnet.
      ‘he magnetized the old people with the charm of his personality’
      • ‘‘One Village-One Product’ stalls snaked along nearly a kilometer down Siam Country Club Road, which magnetized the audience and eased their hunger for the day.’
      • ‘This time, as if her eyes were magnetized, Ella noticed the invasion.’
      • ‘It is a key sign of great artistry when a musician regularly magnetises the ear from the very first phrase.’
      • ‘Ever since I first watched footage of him in Brazil I was magnetized.’
      • ‘But if one is magnetized by works of the imagination derived almost solely from linguistics, Roussel represents some kind of summation.’
      • ‘You can't hope to attract or magnetize someone enough to make them love you if they can't see you.’
      • ‘Even if you don't tell anybody, clear intention magnetizes and attracts those who can imagine their role in it.’
      • ‘The split second that its ringing was heard in the classroom, the students immediately turned forward like they were magnetized or something.’
      • ‘How do you go about believing in yourself to the degree that magnetizes creative success?’
      • ‘Jugglers and snake charmers were magnetizing a part of the crowd, but today they had no effect on her.’
      • ‘As if it were magnetized, Robert felt his head turn toward the gaping window of his office.’
      • ‘It magnetizes others to you because they admire and respect those who know exactly who they are.’
      • ‘Mitre Peak magnetises photographers, and the fiord's sheer cliffs excite both admiration and apprehension.’