Definition of magnesium flare in US English:

magnesium flare

(also magnesium light)


  • A brilliant white flare containing metallic magnesium wire or ribbon.

    • ‘His career was bright like a magnesium flare and as brief.’
    • ‘The old helicopter, feeling the heat, launches magnesium flares that splutter and shine like dying suns and fall to Earth in trails of white smoke.’
    • ‘That same year she produced a series of large public-art events, which she calls ‘atmospheres,’ such as constructing a butterfly image with magnesium flares and fireworks on the shores of Lake Merritt in Oakland.’
    • ‘Out from the tomb comes Angel, another surreally beautiful blonde male sidhe, but glowing like a magnesium flare and flying straight up into the air on his gossamer wings.’
    • ‘The blast wounded all the crewmembers in the cargo compartment, including loadmaster Levitow, and knocked an activated magnesium flare from the hand of a crewmember who'd been illuminating the battlefield for Army troops.’