Definition of magnesian in US English:



  • (of rocks and minerals) containing or relatively rich in magnesium.

    • ‘Moreover, magnesian and hydrous magmas such as boninites and lamprophyres apparently find no difficulty in traversing the crust.’
    • ‘Serpentine is a secondary mineral, a magnesian silicate, formed from minerals such as olivine and orthopyroxene.’
    • ‘The kind of ore that attracted iron was once called magnesian stone, because it was discovered in the part of Asia Minor near Magnesia.’
    • ‘Most complaints have been about noise from Darrington Quarry East, the part of the site nearest homes, where a large hydraulic hammer is being used to break magnesian limestone rocks.’
    • ‘Most typical of the volcanicity is the presence of ultrabasic lavas and the highly magnesian basic lavas known as komatiites.’