Definition of magnanimity in English:



  • The fact or condition of being magnanimous; generosity.

    ‘both sides will have to show magnanimity’
    • ‘This is not to say that making promises is unimportant, but rather that we accept promise-breaking in everyday life with more magnanimity than we sometimes pretend.’
    • ‘While compassion makes us feel the richer for our magnanimity, justice stirs up far more complex emotions of self-justification and equivocation.’
    • ‘Positive values include an instruction to be just and fair, to value generosity or magnanimity, to demonstrate honesty and cooperation.’
    • ‘The sisters are taking the game forward depending on their father's magnanimity and munificence in paying for air passages, schooling and cricket gear.’
    • ‘Hopefully, those who are responsible will have the courage and the magnanimity to respond suitably, for the sake of the future of this country and its future generations.’
    generosity, charitableness, charity, benevolence, beneficence, open-handedness, big-heartedness, great-heartedness, liberality, humanity, nobility, chivalry, kindness, munificence, bountifulness, bounty, largesse, altruism, philanthropy
    unselfishness, selflessness, self-sacrifice, self-denial
    clemency, mercy, leniency, forgiveness, indulgence
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