Definition of magic wand in US English:

magic wand


  • 1A rod used in casting magic spells or performing conjuring tricks.

    ‘with a swish of her magic wand, the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella’
    • ‘At parties and restaurants, magicians prefer to work without their standard tailcoat, top hat or magic wand.’
    • ‘The staff of Asclepias, which can be traced back to the magic wand of the early Egyptians and Moses, depicts a single serpent twined around it.’
    • ‘Potter must now learn the ins and outs of a magic wand while attaining skills as a broom rider.’
    • ‘The Emperor rules with the aid of a magic wand which appears to turn his subjects into puppets, or at least easy subjects for mind-control.’
    • ‘Turning the magic wand into silk scarves and pulling out a bunch of flowers from a hollow pipe that enclosed a lit candle were some of his acts that won thunderous applause.’
    • ‘The box contains tricks using die, cup and ball, a disappearing beer bottle and coin, together with a wooden magic wand.’
    • ‘Harry Potter gear is heavy on magic wands, cauldrons and broomsticks - one set includes plastic rats, frogs and a book of spells.’
    • ‘The local chief was a painfully thin traditional medicine man in suit and tie, his beaded magic wand by his side.’
    • ‘If this pen was a magic wand and you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?’
    • ‘In the opening stood Nembi, holding a magic wand.’
    • ‘Opening the package reveals a Wand Changer, spell book, and a magic wand.’
    1. 1.1 Used in reference to the finding of a simple solution to an difficult problem.
      ‘you can't simply wave a magic wand and produce a few million more jobs just like that’
      ‘the funding we have been allocated will not act as a magic wand’
      • ‘It's frankly naive to believe that simply by abolishing 15-minute slots a magic wand will have been waved, and improvements automatically achieved in our care services.’
      • ‘They think that just because they pay fees, the teachers will wave a magic wand so that their children achieve top grades.’
      • ‘But how would we shape the future if we could wave a magic wand?’
      • ‘Regulating derivatives won't be the magic wand that prevents another financial crash.’
      • ‘Did that physio have a magic wand?’
      • ‘"I keep saying to the players there's not a magic wand, there's no secret formula - it's a matter of working hard."’
      • ‘Of course there is no magic wand that can bring back full employment.’
      • ‘These are very tough times and I can't promise to wave a magic wand to get rid of the problem.’
      • ‘I wish I could wave a magic wand and tell you there was a short cut but for me, I have to train hard to look good.’
      • ‘You just can't wave a magic wand and make things happen over night.’
      • ‘Changing a manager is not a magic wand.’
      • ‘I do not mean to belittle your comments but there is no magic wand.’