Definition of magic realist in US English:

magic realist

(also magical realist)


  • See magic realism

    • ‘Think of it as something like a cross between a fairy tale and a magic realist novel.’
    • ‘It's presented as a magic realist fable, but the characters often come across as stereotypical, with the exception of the family played by the wonderful Sandra Oh and her young co-star Valerie Tian.’
    • ‘In all of these works, Pratchenko shows himself to be as much a luminist as a magic realist, and the canny combination of these illusionistic styles makes for a stunning visual experience.’
    • ‘Stylistically, Pycletius is judged an early magic realist, with tributes to his work by Calvino, Emile dell'Ova, and Borges.’
    • ‘The truth about Carroll is that he's a magic realist who plunders our unconscious for profound emotional truths.’