Definition of magian in English:


(also magian)


  • 1Relating to the magi of ancient Persia.

    • ‘Historian Grundy, like Thucydides, completely ignores the Greek and Magian worldviews.’
    • ‘That is why, during the time of Darius, the war of independence was fought for the protection of Magian religion from the Zoroastrian religion.’
    • ‘He showed that similar horoscopes in the Magian or Chaldaean system had been described in ancient times for Roman emperors such as Augustus, Tiberius, and Hadrian.’
    • ‘That was until they banded together and retaliated against the magian hierarchy, launched military attacks against them, then migrated westward, out of Persia and Iran.’
    • ‘Lady - you must understand - that door is Magian work - even one as skilled as myself finds it difficult to force open…’
    1. 1.1Relating to the Magi who brought gifts to the infant Jesus.
      • ‘Beyond the river Euphrates the magians lived; and they were wise, could read the language of the stars, and they divined that one, a master soul, was born; they saw his star above Jerusalem.’


  • A magus or Magus.

    • ‘The sacerdotal and learned class were styled magians or magicians.’
    wizard, witch, sorcerer, warlock, magician, necromancer, spellbinder, magus, conjuror
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