Definition of maggoty in US English:



  • 1Full of maggots.

    ‘maggoty apples’
    • ‘The investigation began with the discovery of a deer carcass, decaying and maggoty, that had been dumped at the school's front door.’
    • ‘He and the crew have had to subsist on maggoty hardtack, cold gruel, and a slimy block of cheese that has become host to a most foul-tasting clutch of worms.’
    • ‘He was hungry, but he'd rather starve to death than eat the maggoty meat and rice the guards tossed in once a day.’
    • ‘I thought perhaps of food, the maggoty noodles, and then I thought no, of some great feast, baskets and platters and cornucopias.’
    • ‘In the hold of the Dunera they had drawn drawings, held lectures in philosophy, formed a debating society, fashioned chess sets out of maggoty bread-dough.’
    • ‘I wash the dirt carefully off their stems, slice away any maggoty flesh, and cook them in garlic and cream.’
    • ‘The mushroom man, for instance - who also sold dates, walnuts and the best olives I've ever eaten - treated me better after an epic row over maggoty porcini which secured the refund I was after and also attracted a small approving crowd.’
    • ‘The poor contestants had to eat maggoty, old cheese to advance.’
    • ‘A west Wiltshire informant tells me that as a child he was cautioned against picking maggoty blackberries, ‘because the fairies had weed on them.’’
    decaying, decayed, rotting, bad, off, decomposed, decomposing, putrid, putrescent, spoiled, spoilt, tainted, perished, mouldy, mouldering, mildewy, sour, rancid, rank, festering, fetid, stinking, smelly, unfit for human consumption
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  • 2NZ Australian informal Angry or bad-tempered.

    ‘Scotty got a bit maggoty about all this’
    • ‘I went & saw him Sunday & he was going very maggoty because he had been shoved on the Permanent Staff.’
    • ‘There are menacing hyenas and a maggoty baby (both of which you'll recognize from Exorcist: The Beginning), but these aren't the moments where you feel Schrader is strongest.’