Definition of mag tape in US English:

mag tape


  • ‘when I started that work, we used mag tape for data’
    short for magnetic tape
    • ‘I was told that the computer engineer was working on one of the mag tape drives that had a motor problem.’
    • ‘Originally they'd give it to us on big mag tapes, like, literally, those tapes you see on old Star Trek episodes.’
    • ‘Even though you pioneered punch card technology, that didn't stop you from adapting or inventing new technologies like mag tapes, hard disks and integrated circuits.’
    • ‘Here's a picture of me at the operators/programmers teletype; that's not an ash tray to my right, it's a spool of half-inch mag tape.’
    • ‘If it was computerized, we might be able to read the media if it survived (half-inch mag tape or punch cards) but would probably have to spend a lot of time reverse engineering obsolete CAD formats.’
    • ‘The case holding the mag tapes was were I had left it, apparently unharmed.’
    • ‘Turns out the power supply for the mag tape drive was tied in with the CPU, so if the tape drive drew too much current, it crashed the CPU.’