Definition of mag in English:



  • 1A magazine (periodical)

    • ‘A quick flick through the big monthly computer mags reveals a few ads from dealers still pushing the software.’
    • ‘Most of my life has been documented in one gossip mag or another, Lisa.’
    • ‘Read a few gossip mags and call your astrologer in the morning.’
    • ‘Today was a long and busy day, but with a great sense of satisfaction at the end as I signed off the last page of the next issue of the mag and it was sent to the printer.’
    • ‘Adults have celebrity mags and glossies, but kids don't care about big names.’
    • ‘I read every skate mag, front to back.’
    • ‘The final date for submissions for the special hardback last issue of the mag was Sunday 10 July.’
    • ‘The good people at Chart were handing out complimentary copies of the mag and I thought that this was all pretty cool.’
    • ‘The monthly mag will start its life in electronic form, but who knows what the future may bring?’
    • ‘Magazines, the new store on Church Street, offers foreign mags and back issues at unbelievable prices’
    • ‘I started my journalistic career on student mags, initially on Imperial College, London's Felix and later on Queen Mary College's Cub after I switched both college and degree.’
    • ‘The glossy mags are bought and paid for - and, in some cases, owned by the media conglomerates who own the record companies of the ‘artists’ they are trying to sell to you.’
    • ‘Last month was a great meeting with a dozen enthusiasts, including an ex-Isle of Man bike racer and a lovely old chap from Australia who gave me some 20 year old car mags from Down-under.’
    • ‘Not only did they give away free copies of their mag, they also gave away three month subscriptions as well.’
    • ‘Today was the deadline for the first news stand issue of the mag.’
    • ‘Do you remember the days when you would open a glossy mag and fall in love with a to-die-for dress, some sensational shoes and a must-have handbag only to find out they wouldn't be coming to a high street near you?’
    • ‘A print campaign will appear in Sports Illustrated, buff books and trade mags.’
    • ‘I've been writing this article all week for the glossy mag about inspirational Western Australians.’
    • ‘By day, Prato acts as a café with the requisite papers and mags laid out on the back of a high, leather banquette.’
    • ‘London audiences are notoriously bad at reacting well to anything that hasn't been pre-certified as ‘cool’ by the style mags and weekly newspapers.’
  • 2A magazine (of ammunition)

    • ‘This is neatly accomplished by having a curved, spring steel retainer that only releases the rounds once the mag is locked into the receiver housing's feed tray.’
    • ‘The padded shoulder straps were comfortable, even when the four pouches were stuffed full of M16 mags, a total of 360 rounds.’
    • ‘Immediately behind the working magazine is a spare mag held inside the stock by friction.’
    • ‘This gave you a finger hold to get the mags out of the pouch.’
    • ‘The recoil from a .44 mag with a 4-inch barrel is horrid, and I shoot much better with .38's.’
    • ‘Shove a mag into your SFSS-converted Browning Hi-Power or 1911, and chamber a round.’
    • ‘Included with the gun was a patented double magazine pouch that used a magnet to hold the spare mags.’
    • ‘It held 11 rounds using a truncated copy of the S&W Model 59 magazine, and it would work with any series 5900 or 6900 mag as well.’
  • 3Magnesium or magnesium alloy.

    • ‘Magnesium alloy wheels, or "mag wheels", are sometimes used on racing cars, in place of heavier steel or aluminum wheels, for better performance.’
    • ‘Mag mobile phones and laptops, mag taps, mag door handles, mag car trim, even mag power tools are set to transform the look, performance, feel and durability of hundreds of familiar items, thanks to a discovery by Australian scientists.’
  • 4A magneto.

    • ‘It was then that I checked the mags on one of the Mustangs with the belt around the stick.’
    • ‘Many manufacturers also offer a remote option that allows the rider to adjust the mag unit from a lever on the handlebar.’
    • ‘Don't worry about shutting off the fuel and mags on the inoperative engine at these low altitudes.’
  • 5Magnitude (of stars or other celestial objects)

    • ‘The magnitude dependent error is the brightness when the error becomes 1.0 mag.’
    • ‘As a rough guide a decent 50mm pair of binoculars will take you from the naked eye limit of around mag. +6, to about mag. +10 (in suitable skies).’