Definition of madtom in US English:



  • A small North American freshwater catfish that has a venom gland at the base of the pectoral fin spines, with which it can inflict a painful wound.

    Genus Noturus, family Ictaluridae: numerous species, including the common tadpole madtom (N. gyrinus)

    • ‘The pygmy madtom is one of the rarest fishes in North America; only about 50 specimens have ever been collected.’
    • ‘The slabrocks were also being used by several other darter species, as well as madtoms.’
    • ‘The four listed fish are the spotfin chub, yellowfin madtom, smoky madtom, and duskytail darter.’
    • ‘The Carolina madtom appears to be a declining species throughout its range.’
    • ‘Most of the species in this family are the small, stream-dwelling madtoms, which are relatively rare in the Northeast where Ameiurus and Ictalurus are more common.’