Definition of made to order in English:

made to order


  • 1Specially made according to a customer's specifications.

    ‘the kitchen's made-to-order breads’
    • ‘While the retail garment business is still unfavorable, made-to-order products, usually glamorous evening dresses, are a good source of income.’
    • ‘An expert at balloon sculpture was a big hit with the kids who wanted made-to-order balloons that resembled animals and birds.’
    • ‘We initially produced made-to-order items for our buyers, who came directly to our workshop here.’
    • ‘Over the years, Superquinn has worked with exclusive suppliers to create a range of ‘destination products’ dear to Irish palates, including a custom-designed potato and made-to-order sausages.’
    • ‘The electronic network can also be used to ensure the delivery of fresh flowers or made-to-order lunch boxes.’
    • ‘Companies are approaching this new world with caution, and with good reason: The Web can find plenty of customers for made-to-order products, but retooling a factory to spit out thousands of faultless variations on a theme is no easy job.’
    • ‘Most of her pieces are made-to-order with a wee bit of the customer's taste incorporated into her basic design.’
    • ‘We create each made-to-order dish fresh and put every ounce of our considerable skill and knowledge to work to make you the best meal possible.’
    • ‘In 1907, when an inner-city train ticket cost between three and five sen, a made-to-order suit required an average of twenty to twenty-five yen.’
    • ‘Brides, bridesmaids and mothers-of-the-bride can either purchase outfits made-to-order, buy off the rack or hire from the store.’
    • ‘Whether you're looking for seafood, Angus beef, made-to-order pasta or traditional breakfast fare, you won't leave hungry.’
    • ‘The surfacing of the second tool of this type rebuts the earlier suggestion that the tool was special and made-to-order.’
    • ‘We believe that we can corner a niche market by supplying individual, made-to-order iron work at a low cost to people across the North West and, eventually, the UK.’
    • ‘In more recent years they are wearing real steel armour, which can cost thousands of pounds for a made-to-order complete set, and costumes made from pure wool and linen and generally hand-stitched.’
    • ‘So petro-chemicals are added to produce a made-to-order range of light pink to red coloring.’
    • ‘Mealtime Your Pines Lodge package includes a free breakfast daily at the property's Grouse Mountain Grill - a hearty spread of made-to-order omelets, homemade sausages, fluffy biscuits, oatmeal, fresh fruit and yogurt.’
    • ‘Such couples often go for made-to-order cards with expensive custom logos and photographs to put a personal stamp on the invitations.’
    • ‘Now he produces toothsome truffles, made-to-order creations such as a chocolate lorry for a 60-year-old juggernaut driver, from his aromatic premises Monk Bar Chocolatiers in Goodramgate, York.’
    • ‘The instruments were insured but now we have no instruments to play and we are talking about waiting months rather than weeks as they are made-to-order.’
    • ‘Using a combination of infrared and sonar technology, the made-to-order £10, 500 automaton will be able to detect the presence of people venturing into the aquarium's entrance lobby, on the south bank of the Thames.’
    1. 1.1Ideally suited to certain requirements.
      ‘a formalism seemingly made to order for the problem at hand’
      • ‘The made-to-order infants, from different families, were screened and selected when they were still embryos to make sure they would be compatible donors.’
      • ‘These are the days when our traditional music is tailored in a made-to-order fashion and sold like packed commodities.’
      • ‘Electric vehicles seem made-to-order for cities such as Bangalore with more cars than the roads can cope with.’
      • ‘Simply put, when you've got an original production that appears made-to-order for its leads, Nathan Lane, as Bialystock and Matthew Broderick, as Bloom, what do you do when they're no longer available?’
      • ‘I mention it because, in the realm of watercolor, American painters use this made-to-order gray excessively and obsessively.’
      • ‘One could look at the scenario and see another exercise in made-to-order threatmongering.’
      • ‘It's a made-to-order solution to the problem of decoherence and errors.’
      • ‘That was not, needless to say, a slogan made-to-order for bumper stickers.’
      • ‘How can anyone talk of misery on a made-to-order day like this?’
      • ‘It's also a self-fulfilling prophecy; TV manufacturing made-to-order stars, driving the ratings turbines, without the creative and commercial risks associated with genuine art.’
      • ‘They are made-to-order for city roads and second only to buses in popularity.’