Definition of made to measure in US English:

made to measure


  • 1Specially made to fit a particular person or space.

    ‘bicycles are made to measure’
    • ‘If you use a large dining table infrequently, at Christmas dinner for instance, then consider a smaller table with the option of a made-to-measure larger top, which can be stored when not in use.’
    • ‘All Jali made-to-measure radiator covers have drop-down fronts for quick access to your radiator and valves.’
    • ‘Yet Tommy looked so good in his own generic blue-and-green skirt that we decided to invest in a made-to-measure kilt sewn from his own MacKay clan tartan.’
    • ‘What we have then is an enormous bench covered with large made-to-measure cushions, thus increasing the comfort of its Ibizan predecessor.’
    • ‘Wrought iron and upholstered furniture, made-to-measure and ready-made curtains and a wide range of fabrics are all found in the company's new brochure.’
    • ‘Then, when you're ready to tackle more, try your hand at a made-to-measure hot tub and deck project!’
    • ‘Prices start at £250 for a British made-to-measure wool suit, which measures up quite favourably with high street prices when you factor in the individual tailoring and convenience.’
    • ‘If personnel cannot be kitted from the made-to-fit range, a made-to-measure (tailor-made) uniform will be issued or charged for at the standard made-to-fit price, if repayment is involved.’
    • ‘With a range of standard or made-to-measure tracks offering flexibility, or fixed aluminium housings, the fitting can either be surface mounted or recessed to suit numerous installations.’
    • ‘A made-to-measure, vinyl-finished, American diner-style banquette will cost upwards of £1, 000.’
    • ‘The rebel designer has clearly hit on a winning formula with his theatrical catwalk shows, which showcase the skill that goes into haute couture's exclusive made-to-measure creations.’
    • ‘This consisted of a made-to-measure khaki tunic of soft wool, a matching greatcoat with leather buttons and a brown felt hat edged with a short brim turned up at the back.’
    • ‘This measurement information can be electronically compared with garment specifications and other data in order to recommend the size an individual should purchase, or used as a basis for made-to-measure clothing.’
    • ‘In the twentieth century, although traditional made-to-measure tailoring persisted everywhere at higher social levels, the ready-made suit became the standard public costume of the modern ordinary man.’
    • ‘There is nothing inherently wrong with purchasing a made-to-measure suit, but the tailor may not be able to modify the pattern to compensate for all facets of your physique.’
    • ‘And a made-to-measure wig, which takes six to eight weeks to complete, will weigh in at £800 to £1,000.’
    • ‘For a made-to-measure wooden spiral staircase of about the same height, expect to pay in the region of £10,000 - £15,000 depending on the wood you select.’
    • ‘Today the company, which has arranged a series of cookery demonstrations for this weekend's Yorkshire Post Homes and Interiors Exhibition, is best known for made-to-measure replacement doors and accessories for kitchens.’
    • ‘Some believe the trade will stay steady, as it has found its niche market - be it expatriates who can't shop in local stores, well-to-do people who have a passion for made-to-measure clothes, or tourists looking for a good souvenir.’
    • ‘It is so restricted in these two cars that special, sleek, made-to-measure luggage is available.’
    1. 1.1 Designed specifically to fulfill a particular set of requirements.
      ‘amenities and attractions for a made-to-measure vacation’
      • ‘Tests could change the face of cancer prevention by allowing doctors to discard a one-size-fits-all strategy and opening the way for made-to-measure treatment instead.’
      • ‘Balancing such considerations will not produce made-to-measure answers but should help produce decisions that are grounded in principle and therefore command broad respect.’
      • ‘One can also opt for other accessories specially developed for Maybach, such as a made-to-measure luggage set to a silver champagne flute to a humidor to a golf bag.’
      • ‘A made-to-measure building solution was speedily agreed on when a promising group of scientists threatened to move to a city more sensitive to their needs.’
      • ‘Get a free skin diagnosis with Vichy (Superdrug, The Forge Shopping Centre, Glasgow) and match up with made-to-measure products.’
      • ‘With Diagnostic TFT, which comes up with a made-to-measure sequence, the success rate goes up to 95 per cent and with Voice Technology, it reaches 98 per cent.’
      • ‘But most importantly, Sharon proposed what is in effect his own made-to-measure, territorial deal, quite separate from the road map.’
      • ‘According to Joffe, in the future it will not be the superior values of natural justice that guide politics, but the violent politics of the victor that provide the yardstick for a made-to-measure system of law.’
      • ‘Now SEN produces made-to-measure multimedia systems that respond to gesture and movement - installations which are used in special needs schools, museums, one-off artistic projects and fountains.’
      • ‘Suddenly, we were told, single women everywhere could order made-to-measure designer babies and infertile couples could defy the laws of nature and have healthy children.’
      • ‘Booming demand for made-to-measure Finnish log cabins from a North Yorkshire company will lead to 35 new jobs over the next 12 months.’
      • ‘Since they employ five full-time butchers, customers can call and speak directly to the butcher preparing their order, ensuring they get made-to-measure meat.’
      • ‘Behind eMeasure's merchandising and made-to-measure product development capabilities is an integrated IT backbone that automatically processes orders.’
      • ‘Dataworks is no stranger to the technology industry either, having designed and developed made-to-measure software since 1995.’
      • ‘They were recruiting the family firm's help to create a made-to-measure conservatory for a couple in Wellingborough, Northants, whose home they were giving a makeover for the next How Not To Decorate series to be screened next autumn.’


made to measure

/meɪd tu/